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Roland EGX-20 Light Duty Engraver
Part Number EGX-20

Roland EGX-20 Light Duty Engraver
Roland EGX-20 Engraver Front View

pdf icon Roland EGX-20 Brochure
pdf icon Roland EGX-20 Accessory Price List
link icon Roland EGX-20 Specifications

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No Longer Made, See: MPX-90
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Roland EGX-20 Light Duty Engraver

The Roland EGX-20 light duty engraver is the most cost effective, computerized engraving machine in todays market, placing it in a class of its own. No other company has entered the light duty engraving market, thus making Roland the industry leader in the world of light duty engravers. The Roland EGX-20 features an 8L x 6W x 1.25H (203mm x 152mm x 32mm) engraving area and is designed to sit right up on your desktop like a printer.

Engrave various soft metals via a method called diamond scribing, in which a diamond tipped tool is dragged along the surface leaving behind a subtle indentation or, engage the spindle motor in order to rotate a sharpened carbide cutter, thus engraving deeply into various acrylics and plastics.

The EGX-20 desktop engraver connects effortlessly to your PC via a parallel or USB cable and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit). Included is a complete suite of engraving software which allows you to engrave using any TrueType font or line art image found on your computer.

Compact and very easy to use, the EGX-20 can make it possible for anyone to create professionally engraved text and graphics right from their home or office.

Roland EGX-20 Sample - NameTags, Desk Plates, & Office Directories

Recommended Use

The EGX-20 light duty engraving machine was specifically designed for the hobbyist or beginner wishing to start a business. Throughout the years we have found many other fields in which the EGX-20 has become common. Considering todays economy, many companies are looking to bring their engraving in-house.

Jewelry shops and mall kiosks have supplemented their businesses by offering engraving on various types of gift items. The Armed Forces, hotels, theme parks, casinos and other companies with a high turnover rate utilize the EGX-20 to engrave employee nametags and name plates. Even veterinary offices and animal shelters are using the EGX-20 to engrave identification tags for their rescued pets.

The Roland EGX-20s small foot print offers yet another advantage as it allows for it to easily be transported to job sites. Self-employed electrical contractors looking to label electrical panels will often purchase an EGX-20. Individuals have even used the Roland EGX-20 to supplement their own income by setting up booths at trade shows and flea markets on the weekends, as well as engraving trophy plates and medallions for their childrens sports leagues.

The EGX-20 is as versatile as any other engraver on the market, enabling you to engrave items such as, gifts, nametags, signs, labels, trophy plates, dog tags, jewelry and more. However, the Roland EGX-20 light duty engraver was not intended for high yield production environments. The most important factor used to determine whether the EGX-20 will fit your needs is the quantity you intend to produce in a given amount of time. If you have any doubts as to whether this machine is right for your application, please contact a sales representative today and take advantage of our free evaluation.

Roland EGX-20 Sample - Trophies, Plaques, Awards & Medallions

Applications and Materials

The EGX-20 Light Duty Engraver can be used for many applications.

-Nametags, name plates, office directories (great for businesses with high turnover rates)
-Labels, directional signage, equipment panels, legend plates (especially for contractors)
-Trophy plates, small plaques, mementos, medallions (for those starting an award business)
-Gift items, flasks, Zippo lighters, dog tags, money clips, card holders, pens (great for mall kiosks)

The Roland EGX-20 is recommended for use with the following materials:

-Engraver's Plastic (2 ply acrylic,Traffolyte, Phenolic, Lamacoid)
-Light metals (aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver,pewter etc)

Note: The Roland EGX-20 engraving machine is not recommended for hard metals (stainless steel, tungsten, iron, etc). The EGX-20 machine does not produce the necessary down force to yield a noticeable impression on such materials. Attempting to do so may cause the spindle motor to die prematurely.


- 8L x 6W x 1.25H (203mm x 152mm x 32mm) flat engraving area (this indicates the max engraving area. Some longer or slightly wider items may still fit in the machine, but the engraving tool is still restricted to this degree of travel.

- 15mm per/sec feed rate (this indicates the max speed at which the engraving tool moves along the X and Y axis.)

-15,000 rpm spindle motor (this indicates the max speed at which the spindle motor rotates the engraving tool)

-AST (Active Surface Tracking) automatically tracks the height of the material on bowed or non-uniform surfaces to ensure engraving at a constant depth.

Roland EGX-20 Sample - Gift Items

Supplied and Recommended Accessories

The Roland EGX-20 engraver comes equip with a .010 carbide tipped cutter (C2-125-010K) for engraving plastics and an 8 x 6 adhesive sheet, which is used to adhere engraving material to the engraving table. A small and large depth regulator nose cone is also included along with a sample test piece of material and all the necessary wrenches and cables.

In order to engrave on metal, an optional diamond scribing tool (C2-125-DGK) is required along with a burnishing adapter (BT-BA1M). We recommend the tool starter kit (US-TL125-KIT) which includes a .010, .015 and .030 carbide cutter as well as a diamond scriber and a useful tool holder. In addition, a package of adhesive sheets (AS-10) will come in handy for when the original sheet wears out. Each package contains 10 sheets and can be reused several times over.

If gift and jewelry engraving is desired, the multipurpose vise (MV-1) is required to secure non-flat items in place. Furthermore, the MV-1 is necessary for those wanting to engrave nametags that already have the pin or magnetic backings attached, since they cannot lay flat on the standard engraving table. The multipurpose vise is installed in place of the standard flat engraving table and includes a set of ruler bar jigs, medallion and seal jigs, pin jigs and pen jigs.

Lastly; if mainly engraving on plastic, chip removal system (US-CHIPSYS-C) will ensure that the work area is kept free from debris and the engraving depth consistent throughout. An additional vacuum hose (12159209)and vacuum duct (22565516) must also be purchased along with a package of 3 replacement vacuum bags (US-FLTRBAG-A3).

If you have further questions concerning replacement parts or engraving tools, please contact your sales representative.

Roland EGX-20 Sample - Equipment and Legend Panels

Bundled Engraving Software

Included with the Roland EGX-20 engraving machine is a complete suite of engraving software. Dr. Engrave is the main program that will be used to design and layout engraving jobs with. Contrary to other types of engraving software; which can be quite complicated and difficult to learn, Dr. Engrave takes a more practical approach by giving you the essential tools and functions needed for the most common types of engraving. Designing a job is as simple as creating a new file, inputting the dimensions of your item, selecting a font and style for your text and then sending the job to print. You are free to use any TrueType font or ClipArt images found on your computer or you can download thousands for free off the web. In fact, the process is almost identical to that of a printer, in the sense that what you see on the screen is what you get on the material. There is even a V cut function which outlines borders for easy separation of individual plates.

In addition, Dr. Engrave is great for engraving multiple items at once. Simply create a template for the specific set of items you wish to engrave and select the quantity in the layout setup. Dr. Engrave will then tile as many of those items as it can across the 8 x 6 engraving area; which is displayed on your screen, and then proceeds to create additional pages for the remaining items. Once you load the engraving table with the items in respect to whats on your screen, Dr. Engrave will proceed to engrave the first page of information shown. Once that page is done, the machine will pause in order for you to remove the engraved items and replace them with the next page of items to engrave. Once prompted, Dr. Engrave will continue engraving the second page of information and so forth, until the entire job is complete.

This method is extremely helpful for jobs such as: nametags, serial plates, nameplates and room numbers. Rather than having to design and engrave one item at a time, Dr. Engrave allows you to import a Notepad (.txt) or Microsoft Excel (.csv) file and places columns of information into predefined text boxes.

Furthermore; prior to production, the Virtual MODELA software allows you to simulate a 3D representation of your job. Lighting effects, material color, and bitmap overlays can be added to represent the finished products. Virtual MODELA can even accurately estimate engraving time.

Lastly, the Roland EGX-20 engraver comes with 3D Engrave software. 3D engrave allows you to route out the backgrounds of text and images rather than directly engraving them. The end result is a 3D relief in which the background has been removed leaving the text and images raised. With 3D Engrave, you can even specify different engraving depths for various objects in a single design for added creativity. This method of relief engraving is designed for engraving on resin, plastic, wax, wood and other items which can be easily routed. With this great suite of versatile software included at no additional charge, youre assured to get the best use from your Roland EGX-20 engraving machine.

Roland EGX-20 Sample 3

System Requirements

-Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 operating systems (both 32bit and 64 bit).

-Not Compatible with Apple/Mac Operating Systems Not compatible with Apple MAC operating systems.

-Parallel cable interface. An additional Parallel to USB cable is required in order to connect via USB.

- Pentium III, 1 GHz or faster recommended

- Windows XP/2000: 256 MB of RAM of more recommended. Windows Vista/7: 512 MB of RAM or more recommended. 25MB of free hard-disk space required.


The Roland EGX-20 requires minimal maintenance. Simply use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth after every use to clean away cutting dust or loose debris. Do not use solvents, such as thinner or alcohol. Use a toothbrush to remove cutting debris from the adhesive sheets. Do not air blow away debris as it may enter the machine and result in complications.

Adhesive sheets, engraving tools, belts, depth regulator nose cones and the spindle motor unit are all considered consumable parts. It is recommended that these items be replaced once significant wear is apparent.

The spindle motor unit and belt (ZM-12) has a life span of 1,000 hours. A series of light progressions on the machine will indicate how many hours the spindle motor has been operated. During normal operation, if the Z-axis light flashes slowly for ten seconds (four or five flashes) when you turn on the power, it means the spindle motor has been powered up for over 1,000 hours and needs to be replaced. The spindle motor can be easily replaced by the end user in approximately 10 minutes.

Roland Reliability

Roland Certified ISO Logo
Roland engravers have earned a worldwide reputation for reliable performance and outstanding results. Like all Roland products, they come with an international ISO certification. This signals Rolands commitment to offering top quality products backed up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.

Customer Reviews Average Rating review View All Reviews
We purchased the Roland EGX-20 to engrave name plates. David was very helpful and was always willing to help answer any questions I had even after the purchase. We would highly recommend David.
Reviewed by: Sharon Thern from John J. Buettgen Funeral Home Wisconsin. on 1/10/2016 Back to Top
David has been very helpful and available to me. The Roland is my first engraver. The machine is easy enough to use that a new comer like me can make a quality product with just a few hours of setup and learning. David helped me when I was stuck and took the time I needed to get me up and running.
Reviewed by: Jon Baron from Oak Lawn, Illinois. on 5/28/2015 Back to Top
Machine Designer
We have been using the Roland EGX-20 for engraving Machine Nameplates and Component Labels. It has performed flawlessly in our testing. The service and support from Engraving Machine Direct has been very helpful and supportive with our projects.
Reviewed by: Dave Cunningham from Philadelphia, PA. on 5/22/2015 Back to Top
I really like the machine and the support that David gave was super. I couldn't believe he could teach me how to use the machine in such a short period of time. I would recommend this machine and David to everyone.
Reviewed by: Joseph B. Cooper from Dillon, South Carolina. on 4/30/2014 Back to Top
I am very pleased with my EGX-20 engraver and with the service I received from Engraving Machines Direct. Their sales rep was very supportive in helping me set up as well working with me afterwards.
Reviewed by: Debbie Ellison from Travelers Rest SC . on 10/3/2013 Back to Top
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