Rowmark Lasermax
Rowmark Lasermax

Rowmark Lasermax 2 ply Acrylic

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Rowmark Lasermax Engraving Acrylic (UV RATED)

2ply All Weather Acrylic is composed of two layers of acrylic meshed into one. A laminated, weather resistant layer is used on the surface to withstand the elements. A second layer of acrylic; different in color, makes up the core. Signs, labels and name tags are created by engraving down through the surface and revealing the contrasting core beneath. Its intended purpose is to be used with a rotary engraver. This engraving material is perfect for creating signage that will be used outdoors. In addition, this particular type of acrylic can be drilled, sawed, beveled, bonded, printed, stamped and even bent with the use of heat. A full size sheet measures 24" x 48" x 1/16" and can be ordered in halves or quarters. For an additional fee, the sheets can be custom cut to fit your engraving machine's table.

Material Specifications

o Laminated Impact Acrylic
o Matte Finish
o 1/16" Thickness
o For Use With Rotary Engraving Method
o 0.003" (.0762mm) Engraving Depth to Core
o Standard Sheet Size 24" x 48"


o Outdoor/Indoor
o Saws
o Drills
o Bevels
o Heat Bendable
o Screen Prints
o Hot Stamps
o Bonds

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