Tech Support

Free Training & Technical Support* are provided for every machine purchased and delivered in the US from Engraving Machines Direct. We offer these services in various ways.

1. Engraving Machines Direct offers multimedia training videos for most equipment. (Request pricing if it is not available as an option for the product.)

2. Engraving Machines Direct offers free telephone support and training Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST.*

3. Engraving Machines Direct regularly posts helpful information in the Blog/Help section.

4. Engraving Machines Direct offers manuals and step-by-step guides in PDF form for most equipment.

5. Upon request, Engraving Machines Direct offers on-site training at an additional charge.

6. Upon purchase, Engraving Machines Direct will guide you on setting up your machine and walk you through your first engraving.

*60 days free phone technical support from date of purchase

If you need technical support or would like to inquire about our on-site training,
Please call Customer Care at 1-888-541-0613 or
[email protected]

Prior to appointment, for Remote Support from Engraving Machines Direct, please Click the Download Button below. Select run when prompted and provide our Engraving Machines Direct Support Technician with the ID and Password displayed.

Download Engraving Machines Direct Support

Compatible with All Windows Operating Systems

Not Compatible with Apple/Mac Operating Systems